Kamis, 04 Juli 2013


Hi, how's life been treating you, my dear fellows? DO you want to play my interactive quiz again? Well, I've just finished another quiz. It's about 'Passive Voice'. Sometimes you'd better use 'passive forms' rather than 'active ones', especially when you want to say something and you consider that the activity or the event is more important than 'the doer'.
You may say: We have to find another route because the workers are reconstructing the bridge.
But you'd better say: We have to find another route because the bridge is being reconstructed.
Now, please learn the other sample passive sentences in the introduction-page of the quiz. When you're ready, play the quiz and see your score. There are 10 questions with max score 100 and the passing grade 75.
Please wait, it may take several minutes for loading the quiz.
You can download this quiz in flash file for offline use, please CLICK HERE
You can download other interactive quizzes in flash files for offline use, please CLICK HERE.

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