Sabtu, 18 Januari 2014


This is an interactive test adapted from "UAS Bahasa Inggris SMK Perbaungan 2014". The test is prepared and written by Novija Yulinar, a teacher of English at SMK MUSDA PERBAUNGAN (Jalan Pematang Siantar KM 39,9 Perbaungan North Sumatra). Now you can take it online too. There are 50 questions with the passing grade 70, max score 100, and time limit 120 minutes.
Please wait, it may take several minutes for loading the quiz.
You can also download this quiz in an SWF file, please CLICK HERE!< 
 Or download it in a FLASH FILE CLICK HERE
The quiz is an swf file that you can open and play with an swf player, flash player or any video players on your computer.
Thanks Mrs. Novija Yulinar for providing the word doc of the test.

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