Senin, 26 Januari 2015

Listening Test of Try Out Exam 1 SMA Sleman 2015

Now I'd like to share a listening test taken from the first try out Exam of SMA Sleman 2015. AFter taking the test, you can read the listening script by clicking the REVIEW button and the REVIEW FEEDBACK button on each question.
Now take the test and see how well your listening skill is.
Please wait, it may take a few minutes for loading the quiz!
You can also download this interactive quiz, simply CLICK HERE!
Also available in a flash file, to download it, please CLICK HERE!
The quiz you downloaded is an swf file which can be played with an swf player, flash player or any video player on your computer.
Any response or feedback? Feel free to write me via FB: Rahmat Suharyanta

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