Senin, 02 Februari 2015

Listening Test TRY OUT 1 2014 Cluster SMAN1 Godean+SCRIPT

This interactive listening test is adapted and converted from "Latihan Ujian tahap 1 Bahasa Inggris SMA" carried out in 'the South west of Sleman' (Cluster of SMAN1 Godean) in December 2014. You can read the SCRIPT after taking the test. On the RESULT PAGE click the REVIEW button on the bottom left and then click REVIEW FEEDBACK button, and the SCRIPT will automatically appear.
Please wait,it may take several minutes for loading the quiz!
You can also download this quiz, simply CLICK HERE!
This quiz is an SWF file which can be played with an SWF player, flash player or any video player on your computer.
Also available in a FLASH file, to download please CLICK HERE!
Any response or feedback, feel free to write me via FB: Rahmat Suharyanta

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