Senin, 16 Februari 2015


Tuesday Morning, February 17th 2015. Now test and practise your listening skill. Show how well your listening skill is. Take my online interactive listening test right now and see your score. And you can read the listening script after you finish your test. Interesting, isn't it? This quiz is taken and adapted from "TRY OUT 1 UJIAN NASIONAL BAHASA INGGRIS SMK kabupaten BANTUL 2014".
Please wait, it may take a few minutes for loading the quiz!
You can also download the quiz (an SWF file), simply CLICK HERE!
And in a FLASH file (9,35MB), please CLICK HERE!
You can open and run an SWF file with an SWF PLAYER/Flash Player or any video player on your computer.
Any response, suggestion, or feedback, feel free to write me via my facebook account RAHMAT SUHARYANTA.

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