Senin, 16 Februari 2015


Let's learn English. One of the four skills in a language learning is LISTENING. That's even the first skill that you have to master since learning a language is just a matter of modelling i.e. you listen the language then you speak it. But often listening to a foreign language is hard and difficult. So, now I supply my Listening Quiz test with its audioscript. You can display the SCRIPT right after you finish taking the test. On the RESULT PAGE please click REVIEW button,then click REVIEW FEEDBACK button, and the audioscript will automatically appear. By doing so, you can also see the key answers of the test. Interesting, isn't it? Now, take it now or download it if you want to.
Please wait, it may take a few minutes for loading the quiz!
You can also download the quiz in an swf file, simply CLICK HERE!
The quiz you downloaded is an swf file which can be played with an SWF player/flash player/any video player on your computer.
Also available in a FLASH file ( 12.63MB), to download it please CLICK HERE!
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